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If I Were a Rich Girl…

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While on the campaign trail 2007-2008, President Obama was bombarded with celebrities jumping on his campaign trail, popping up in different cities, speaking on his behalf and encouraging voters to come out in big numbers to support the history that was about to go down. These very same celebrities had invitations to attend exclusive fundraisers and White House events, simply because they were celebrities with a lot of money. Some even used their celebrity to beg for the opportunity to perform during the inauguration, for free.  By their own admissions, many celebrities had never engaged themselves politically. Some had also never voted.

For the past three years, celebrities have used social networks to post pictures from White House events, serving as ambassadors for special initiatives, and they appear to have an all access pass to everything White House related—all because they have celebrity and money.

Today in 2011 President Obama is facing arguably one of his toughest times as president; he is in a moment that could potentially rewrite his presidency for the worst, all due to inherited fiscal irresponsibility that appears to be fixable in myriad ways, one of them being to raise taxes on the rich.  There are no banner-waving celebrities on a financial campaign trail soliciting the support of other wealthy celebrities to offer paying more taxes to support the candidate they campaigned for just 3 years prior.  There are no social network photos being posted of celebrities writing checks to hand over to the federal government run by the man they campaigned for years prior. The celebrity voice is quite mum on this initiative (Russell Simmons recently posted an article in the Huffington Post called “Stop Crying and Pay More!”).

Although I’m not rich, President Obama has had my complete political (since the DNC, 2004) and financial support since he declared his bid for the presidency.  But, if I were a rich girl, my voice would be so loud Eric Cantor and John Boehner would snap out of the stupor of “no” and everything from now on would be “Of course! Yes sir!” If I were a rich girl, the Republicans would be looking to brandish me a traitor for going against a Republican policy to protect the rich.  If I were a rich girl, President Obama wouldn’t need to be gridlocked in an office for multiple days tackling one issue.  I would resoundingly demand to pay more taxes and relieve the president so that he could spend time working on other national and international issues. If I were a rich girl, I would protect my investment so that it would last another 4 years in an even larger and greater fashion. I’m not a rich girl, yet. And, I still have hope.

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