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Open Letter To President Obama

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Dear President Obama,
When we voted en masse for your leadership in this country we knew you would meet our expectations then and I know it now. For the past few weeks, there have been extremely tedious meetings taking place between the two most visible branches of government, the Executive and the Legislative. Now it is about time the Judicial Branch jumped in to bring resolve to an embarrassing, frightening, and absolutely deplorable display of government behavior. You have the power to make them do it.

I don’t blame you for trying to be a team player. I don’t find you’ve done anything wrong. I find you being a first-time president to a nation of 300 million and a leader to a world of 7 billion. How many average people have done that? How many average people in their life will do that? This entire financial civil war is a testament to the lengths that temper-tantrum throwing, un-American, greedy, loathsome, politicians will go to sabotage America’s ability to honor its constitutional commitment. Sabotage is not an act of patriotism, rather an act of psychosis.

You have to set yourself apart from the regular old “Washington Joe.” You are clearly a man of integrity, and if not, you would not have received my vote. For example, in September of 2007, you came to Brooklyn, NY and spoke to a crowd at the Adams Street Marriott. Once you had finished rallying the people to contribute to your campaign, in service and financially, you walked out of the door of one of the conference halls. I had been standing by, waiting for your exit so that I could present the gifts I had made for the future First Lady and you. I was lucky, because I chose the right door–you walked right out, and came right to me. You put your hand on my shoulder, accepted my gift, laughed at my prediction (it came true–you were the next president) and proceeded to ask me why I was so sure that you would win. You also told me I was kind as you accepted my gift. Despite the fact that your people were rushing you along to make a flight to New Hampshire, you never once diverted your eyes away from me, and at no time did you compromise the conversation you and I had begun. These occurrences are what set you apart.

Take stronger action on this debt ceiling debate, President Obama—the voters you attracted saw a change for once that Washington had been missing. Much of your campaign shadowed the lessons of Abraham Lincoln, a president that used his power to instruct and guide renegade Americans to comply to the rules, and at the very least, to come back to their senses [and back to America]. The America in which I live has been fragmented for far too long. The America I’m witnessing will not stand by and watch this country get run in the ground. There is too much to lose! “I, too, sing America.”–Langston Hughes

Do you think for one minute that I / we [voters] will watch you fizzle into mediocrity within the pages of history when you should brand them greatness? America is not about you, but at this moment you are the one entrusted to lead. The Republicans are terribly misguided, just as the racist, the sexist, and any other individual that can only see his or her path. Create for them a new path, with the powers granted to you by the Constitution of United States that governs all Americans lives.

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