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READ —> Rinku Sen: The Racist Mind

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Ever since the Trayvon Martin tragedy happened, I have been consumed with articles about race that have either been “discovered” by me or ones that I have strolled upon in van_jones_header_1my Twitter time line. The article that is the subject of this post appeared in my time line courtesy of Van Jones (@VanJones68). You must know who he is; he wrote the best seller: Green Collar Economy. He is also the President and Co-Founder of Rebuild the Dream, an organization focused on helping people to help fix our economy using various innovations. In addition, he attended Yale Law School, and he is a [good-looking] Black man.

What intrigued me most about this article is the role that science, according to this article, plays in how race is understood, carried out and applied in our daily lives. EveryZimmerman Trial Enters Jury Dissertation Phase article I have read has given some sort of excuse for the stain of racism–I have read history, socio-economic, and now scientific explanations. And, the biggest thing is that they are all viable explanations.

Click on the link BELOW and please READ THIS ARTICLE.


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