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Oprah at The Butler Premiere, LA

Oprah at The Butler Premiere, LA

Have you seen Ms. Oprah Winfrey lately? She is truly glowing from the inside out. One look and all I can simply say is O-Mazing! From that sexy red dress she wore in the August issue of O Magazine’s “What I Know for Sure” section, to the razzle-dazzle raspberry-dressed explosion of confidence she brought to the Hollywood premiere of Lee Daniels’ The Butler, Ms. Oprah is on fire!

She has a different look in her eye—she is still the genteel Oprah we know and love, but her determination and lead-from-the-front attitude is everything fierce. From the September hair issue of O-Magazine where she adorns the wig she and Andre Walker coined “Wild Thing”, Ms. Winfrey is all the way standing in that brightness—that light—Quincy Jones told her would burn his eyes. Everybody had better grab a pair of sunglasses with the highest level of UV Protection, because where Ms. Oprah is going, you’re going to need them just to pay attention. In these next 25 years, Oprah is more womanly, sexier, and beguiling; and, there is no deceit. She knows who she is and she’s fully advertising her brand of [self] love.

Maybe it’s the character, Gloria, Oprah plays in The Butler. After all, there is something about a girl named Gloria. Maybe it is the way they always seem to come into their own. Or, maybe it could be because Gloria is Latin for glory. Whatever the case, Oprah is living in it! Gloria Gaynor gave us the women’s survival anthem. And, what about Terri McMillian’s shy, but very seductive Gloria from Waiting to Exhale—she definitely knew that a good plate of food,

Oprah as Gloria in the Butler

Oprah as Gloria in the Butler

cooked and simmered in love and affection was the way to a man’s heart (Oprah, we know how much you love to make those blueberry-lemon pancakes on Sunday mornings for Stedman, too). And then there is Gloria Naylor who gave us the Women of Brewster Place. Talk about strength! Lastly, there was Enchantment’s “Gloria”—the ultimate let-me-beg-until-I-get-her-back song. After this song, every man knew not to let a woman named Gloria go (or to write off an Oprah playing a character named Gloria).

I love the newness in which Ms. Winfrey is basking! When critics wrote off the decision to leave her mega successful television show after 25 years to begin OWN, The Oprah Winfrey Network, it affected her, and then she took her own advice—she kept going. When her ratings didn’t initially do what she or even the public expected, she

September O Magazine

September O Magazine Cover

regrouped, reorganized, got smarter, and has since administered CPR that has seemingly given OWN an eternal life—the programming is so in demand and I can’t see me not watching OWN, nor can I remember cable television without it. Viewers love Iyanla’s Fix My Life and Super Soul Sunday and Master Class and the Tyler Perry shows. Oprah is truly living in her Next Chapter.

One look at Ms. Winfrey and it is easy to see what her new glow is all about. She’s on top of the world and not planning to come down any time soon. When she walks into the room, all to be rendered is my O my! And, that’s what I know for sure.



Oprah was just on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live (WWHL). Check out these clips of her appearance. Happy Watching!







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