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ThePoliDay Report

Hey Family!

Are you LIGHT, the natural agent that stimulates sight and makes things visible?  If not, start leaning toward some. LIGHT is how living organisms GROW. In botany / science, this process is called phototropism.  In humanity, it is called good spirits / energy / vibes.

Keep shining, leaning, standing…in light!

Did You Know?

Stevie Wonder wrote an album called Journey Through the Secret Life of Plants as a musical score to accompany a movie by the same name in October of 1979 (My family was certainly looking to find the light as my father was murdered one month prior to the release of this album).  Conceptually, this album ranks pretty high on my list of favorite albums overall.  It was also on the digital cutting edge as Stevie Wonder used a digital sampling synthesizer. Featured on this album is the classic, “Send One Your Love.”

When you are…

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