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Political Lingo: Impeachment

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No one is above the law. I am sure that it appears that some are but, really and truly they are not.

Ever since The Affordable Care Act was developed (and even some time before), the first thing The Tea Party (an extremist branch of the Republican Party) rallied for was the impeachment of President Obama. To impeach is to formally charge or accuse a public official for misconduct. 

There are clauses regarding impeachment in Articles I, II, and III of the United States Constitution. In our history, four US Presidents have endured or been close to impeachment—John Tyler (1843), during a vote in the House of Representatives to carry out his impeachment, the House rejected the charges against him. He had initially been charged with corruption and misconduct.

Two Presidents that actually endured the impeachment process were:

  • Andrew Johnson (1868): serious misconduct. He was acquitted by one vote.
  • Bill Clinton (1998): perjury and obstruction of justice. He was acquitted.

One resigned before impeachment could be rendered: Richard Nixon (1974). His charges: obstruction and abuse of power.

Impeachment is not limited to ONLY Presidents. It applies to ANY public official. Impeachment is a lengthy process that does not happen overnight. Incidentally, it also DOES NOT mean that the public official is REMOVED from office.

Today, as the Republicans throw around the thought of impeaching President Obama, they will have a long road to bear before that even comes to pass. Let’s pass a spending budget CONGRESS and stop dishing idle threats.


  1. I am so proud of our President. This country can no allow a very small minority to hold everyone else hostage. We all have to respect the laws of this land. The process for dealing with laws that we don’t like requires congress to repeal said law according to the rules in place. Shame on Palin, Cruz, Lee and others who have manipulated and mislead their fellow citizens. http://www.godspromisedhealth.com

    • Zakiyyah Ali says:

      I agree we cannot and we won’t for too much longer. Thanks for the response.

      Ms. Zakiyyah Ali Twitter: @DoItGurl Cell: 347-262-7572 “Each generation must, out of relative obscurity, discover its mission, fulfill it or betray it.’ Frantz Fanon

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