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Kwanzaa: Imani / Faith

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Happy Kwanzaa! On day seven and the first day of 2014, Kwanzaa comes to an end, but the spirit of its principles are never-ending.  It closes with Imani, Swahili for faith.

I Am An Heiress

I am an heiress




And in debt.

I am an heiress



And in debt.

I am an heiress



And in debt.

I am an heiress



And in debt.

I am an heiress



And in debt.

There is no way possible that I am ever able to imagine my life without paying homage to the sacrifice that so many made so that I may have the once-in-a-lifetime chance to live today.  Most of the ancestors never knew my name and I most certainly do not know all of theirs, but they knew that I would BE. They didn’t always have the complete knowledge of the laws and politics and inner-workings that ruled their lives, but they always had the vision that rules were subject to change for the sake of a better life for me. They had the faith that my life would somehow be different and even better. ancestors

In great measure they left an enormous “bill” in priceless, unquestionable service and resilience. In every word and deed, I remain humble in the truth that I must contribute to this bill since the Creator and my ancestors have allowed me a seat at this vast and beautiful table of Black life and culture. Through my profession as an educator, I facilitate the transfer of knowledge. While it isn’t always easy to navigate institutions, I chip away at “the bill” and even add gratuity by continuing on my journey earnestly, with resilience, proudly, and by keeping the faith. My ancestors left me a grand inheritance and I will always remain in their debt. 

Keep the Faith!

Happy Kwanzaa


  1. Anonymous says:

    Simply Brillant! This is a debt that I would eagerly pay off but deep inside I know that I can never fully repay it eventhough I am giving it my all.

    • Zakiyyah Ali says:

      Awwww….Thank YOU!
      It’s okay. As long as we continue to work and do our best in the earnest spirit that our ancestors would have then were are leaving something on the tab 😉

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