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Happy Black History Month…Keep it Going!

It’s Me!



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Today is the last day of Black History Month, but not an end to learning all of the history there is to learn! Check out my Black History Month movie, I Love That Man!  In keeping with my theme of celebrating Black Men this movie sums it up pretty well.

See you for Women’s History Month!


  1. stubbystan says:

    Brilliant as always, sis! I had tears of pride & joy clouding my vision while watching. Thank you for re remembering us. Thank you for helping us to remember each other. I’m ready to take on the world now!

    • Zakiyyah Ali says:

      You always have the nicest and kindest things to say. I really appreciate your feedback and I am humbled that you take a few minutes of your life’s clock to make time to read, and now watch, my work. The movie was a pleasure, indeed!

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