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Rest in Peace, Ms. Ruby Dee!

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How can you hear the name Ruby Dee and not fall in love?
You can’t.
It sounds pretty and petite, caring and loving, and just like someone every little girl would want to be.
This was Ms. Ruby Dee.
In her presence she was small in height, very poised and attentive. She was dainty, wore red lipstick, and really quite a lady. And, she smiled a super-watt smile.
It was a pleasure for her Diana Ross-esque eyes to land on you because in that moment you had been seen by this oracle of a woman.
Some people stuttered with their words, and as she grew more seasoned, she stuttered with her breath–taking in sporadic moments of life others experienced with her…in interviews.
She was pretty.
Every character she played, we’ve loved and every line she’s read lives on.
After 91 years, the feminine ferocity and audacious activism packaged in Ms. Ruby Dee has departed us.
And, we loved her so.
Rest in Peace, Ms. Ruby Dee.

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