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Happy New Year!

It’s Me!



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Today is January 1st and it is quickly winding down to make room for day two! Two thousand fourteen taught me many lessons, but I think the greatest lessons I have learned have been lessons of self. In quiet spaces, and often loud ones (I live in Brooklyn), I have learned to be purposeful in reflecting on my thoughts and my actions. In doing so, I have uncovered some uncomfortable truths, but I have also learned how much I really like many elements of who I am.

What I know for sure is that I am a passionate thinker and an avid reader. I am intrigued by the news of today and mostly by the news of yesterday and many, many days before. I know that history makes me happy and that I become an insatiable chatter box about certain periods. I have also learned that I have a deeper commitment to securing a better future for the people in this nation because my heart is wired that way.

Over the Holiday Season, I have looked back at pictures I have taken with pioneers like Congressman John Lewis, Comedian-Activist Dick Gregory, and Freedom Rider Hank Thomas, and it is clear to me that our paths have crossed because they have passed the torch. To me.

As we confront issues of persisting racial injustices and police brutality and community violence, I have a role to play in eradicating it. In 2015, I am ready for the handoff.

Go see Selma on January 9th, 2015!

Happy New Year!

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