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Z is For Zora!

It’s Me!



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Happy 124th BIRTHDAY Zora Neale Hurston!! I celebrate Ms. Zora on every birthday! So should you! Check out this post from last year.

ThePoliDay Report

“Moon’s too pretty fuh anybody tuh be sleepin’ it away.” 

Nothing has ever brought me more joy than watching more shooting stars than I can count, seeing a moon that looks like a big, round, orange gumball waiting for me to grab it, and books!

“I did not just fall in love. I made a parachute jump.”

The first book I ever wrote was made of a cardboard front and back cover that had been covered in blue and white contact paper. I had punched three holes on the side of the book, and in addition to the contact the paper that my mother had purchased, she had also picked up some of the brass fasteners that would help me keep my book of a few pages together.  If you asked me to gone away lakerecall what the book was about in its entirety(nature was interwoven somewhere), I probably couldn’t tell you…

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