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He is Prince

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After April 21st, 2016, everything else I read will help me to better understand that sexy mutherfucka named Prince. 

prince-passport-photo-200x200Growing up in the 80s and 90s, there are certain things I already understand about him. On his terms he was the artist and the masculinity motif. He was “un-bought and un-bossed.”




Affirmed…it’s almost hard to speak of him in past tense, because Prince is…forever.

I often read horoscopes for insight into my personality. Like me, Prince was a Gemini. Every year, the day after my birthday, I often take the time to acknowledge his birth on June 7th—this was our special connection and it helped me to know the man just like his music helped me to know the artist–two inseparable forces.   Of our many traits, intellect is our greatest asset and for Prince it was the medium that created his image, our perceptions of him, and our abilities to understand what we knew about what we were feeling when we experienced his songs, his musical love notes to us. 

One look at Prince and it was obvious he could have easily been Covergirl’s first Coverman; his eyes and, oh those lashes could sell mascara and eyeliner better than any. Like Michael Jackson, he made Black hair and its variations the celebration in his album covers, photo shoots and passport photos (see above). Blown out, finger waved, baby-hair dripped, slicked back, or Afro-ed it was beautiful. And, so was he. 

Guitar-clad and string-slapping, drum stick-weilding, or  piano-perched, Prince was making love when we thought he was simply making music; and, every chord, sound, and instrumental caress was an experiential climax.  It was apparent that Prince had an affinity for arousing our deepest sensitivities and he understood our minds.  We needed permission to let loose, be free, get wild, and feel love so he gave it to us, and gave it to us good. After all he liked us more than a one-night stand so he shared; and, because he loved music, he created.  

His total release was having the freedom to control his cultural creations and taking on Warner Brothers Records in order to do it; and, changing his name to an all-encompassing symbol of balance representing male and female energies was like Muhammad Ali taking on the US government during the Vietnam War. Prince rocked.

On the Tavis Smiley Show in 2009, Prince raised our awareness of environmental issues and talked about government-sanctioned chem-trails, conspiracy or not. Like all Geminis, he was multifaceted and well-read. 

MTV’s ultimate catapult into success came on behalf of two of the most forward-thinking and trend-solidifying Black men. As the first to get heavy video rotation play, Michael Jackson thrilled us and Prince sealed his dominance as a Pop Culture icon with a “Kiss.” The only formation Prince ever avowed was leading out front in whatever way his brand of self-expression wanted.

He was the king of his sound and the emperor of his masculinity. Prince ruled. He was African in dance and rhythm.  In the public space, his rationed brand of fame and celebrity was the authenticity that set everybody free.  He reigned.

In death he will not be confined or defined by it as Prince was energy. He will never be destroyed nor (re)created.  He is…Prince.  

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