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YOU are a Target and YOU are a Target…Black Teens 21X More Likely Shot

It’s Me!



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I almost wish there was a way for me to become desensitized to all of the reports inundating my timelines on various social media about the plague of police brutality, ONLY because I would like a piece of mind and a break from the madness and sadness the reality of police brutality creates.
But, that’s not to be. And, I will keep posting.

I wish that every time I engaged in a conversation about #MichaelBrown it did not result in the other person responding with “but…” followed up with a comment about Michael Brown’s size or his previous shoplifting (yeah that pissed me off, too) or the fact that Black people “need to do this” and “they need to do that” or how much fear looms in the act of being a police officer.

At the end of my day, and in my final conclusion, I remain adamant that he/they did not/ do not deserve to be shot dead and neither did / do any of these other cases in which unarmed civilians, like 12-year old Tamir Rice, have been killed by overzealous and fraught-with-fear police officers.

Rudy Guiliani chides Black people by admonishing that we stop making white cops shoot us, but the statistics in the ThinkProgress article posted below seems to say that white cops are truly targeting Black people because there is a “Fear of a Black Planet.”

Read it for yourself.


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