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Over at The PoliDay Report we are still ringing in the New Year!

I was treated to a movie today by my Sorority Sister, Lateefah A. and her sister Tanisha A. (My Tanisha!)–Top Five.

It was one of those days to do some much-needed catching up. While we didn’t have an official “Top Five” our conversation just naturally went in that direction. We discussed the top five things most women talk about: men, food, fashion, the future (marriage, finances, and other fun things), and careers.

In this movie starring Chris Rock, he is a comedian and movie star about to be married, but has had his share of life’s struggles, is trying desperately to rebound and reshape his life, and to produce products with which he’s happy. While the trailers that have been shown regarding this movie would have one to believe this movie is simply about ranking musical, movie, etc. interests, those scenes are somewhat insignificant compared to the greatest part of the movie–in fact I was able to walk away from the movie with a definitive declaration that Chris Rock is indeed genius. The take-a-way in this movie for me was all about how we determine order and establish priorities for the lives we want to live and the product (s) we are willing to offer the world. Clearly I won’t reveal anymore about the movie and you will just have to go see it, I did find, however that it was a fitting choice of movie given the New-Year-Resolution-phase of life we’re all in right now.

As we move forward in the year 2015, each of our “Top Five” becomes more about defining what’s right in our individual journeys rather than what others believe is right for them. There will be many set backs and downfalls, but one thing is certain, the sun will rise again to create a new day and new opportunity. As we are fortunate enough to rise along with it, we will have the chance to create our “Top Five” in whatever genres of life we see fit and however we would like to see them appear.

What’s your Top Five?

Happy New Year!

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